Why Try Junto

Junto HLS has become a go-to life sciences recruiter by leveraging our core strengths, understanding our clients’ needs and continually delivering top talent.  We have built a strong network based on integrity, trust and results. Our efficient and effective approach will be a competitive advantage for you and your business.

Here’s what you can expect when you try Junto HLS.

  • We build strong partnerships with a discrete set of clients, by region and therapeutic area.
  • Impact: We can source from your local and nationwide competitors to recruit the very best talent.
  • Success Story: A Junto HLS client (Top Pharma) had the challenging objective to hire three (Sr.) Medical Directors across three different Therapeutic Areas.  While other agencies struggled due to client overlap and non-recruit agreements, Junto HLS was able to recruit from two local competitors and fill all three positions, within one month.

  • We understand the job, we speak your language and are a credible and trusted advisor to senior level candidates and internal functional leaders.  We have access to, and the respect of, the most qualified candidates, many of which are passive and bombarded by recruiters day and night.
  • Impact: The recruitment of passive, talented candidates who would otherwise disregard agency outreach and new opportunities.
  • Success Story: Junto HLS was engaged to recruit a Regulatory Affairs leader with divisional oversight for the US.  The search focused on a niche set of skills within a small and tight-knit pool of candidates, many of whom were already aware of the opportunity.  Junto HLS contacted a sought after candidate who had already determined they were not interested in the position.  Because of our experience, approach and positioning the candidate granted us the time and access to learn about their career objectives and convey the benefits of the opportunity.  The candidate interviewed, accepted the offer and remains with our client.

  • You won’t receive a pile of so-so resumes.  We consistently identify and deliver a robust and diverse panel of high-potential candidates.  We listen, learn and adapt to feedback.
  • Impact: Saving you, your team and your leadership time and frustration.
  • Success Story: A major global pharmaceutical company engaged Junto HLS to recruit their Head of Global Portfolio Management.  The position was business critical and aligned with numerous global initiatives.  Junto HLS partnered with senior leadership, HR and Talent Acquisition to identify initial candidates, refine the search and deliver a panel of hirable candidates.  A Junto HLS candidate accepted the position and we remain the go-to recruiter in Portfolio Management.

  • We offer a variety of search options (Retained or Engaged) enabling us to partner with you around the parameters you care about.
  • Impact: We deliver the talent you need, in the way that’s right for you, your business and your budget.
  • Success Story: A new potential client approached Junto HLS looking to fill a senior level position, reduce the cost per hire, and ensure results.  Junto HLS provided a retained, fixed fee solution with performance guarantees and a one year replacement guarantee.  Junto HLS focused in on the search for a full month, made the placement and the new hire has been hugely impactful to our client.

  • Our strongest relationships are often built upon a single search where a new client is willing to “give us a try”.  These are often complex, hard to fill openings where our new client needs an A+ candidate who can hit the ground running and positively impact the business on day one.  Our clients tell us we’re their Go-To recruiter because we understand them, we’re solution focused and we deliver results.
  • Impact: You will have the results you want today and a Go-To partner for the future.
  • Success Story: Junto HLS contacted the VP, Head of Regulatory Affairs NA at a Major Global OTC company regarding a mid-level position. The opening was urgent and the VP was willing to give Junto HLS a try.  Junto HLS worked quickly to identify candidates and our new client was able to fill the position within three weeks. Since then we have served as the client’s go-to recruiter, filling six Regulatory Affairs positions across Strategy, CMC and Operations.

  • Focus and drive create results.  When we take your search, you can be assured its top priority.  We have the network, research & recruiting capacity to get started identifying and engaging qualified candidates right away.
  • Impact: The candidates you need. When you need them.
  • Success Story: A Junto HLS client (Top Pharma) had worked internally and with other agencies to fill a Pharmacovigilance Sr. Director (MD) position for two years.  Junto HLS took the challenge, scoured the country and identified an outstanding candidate within one week. The candidate was moved efficiently through two rounds of interview, accepted the offer, relocated and remains with our client.

  • We spend the time to build genuine candidate interest in your company and the position.  Our candidates learn about your pipeline, core values, culture, key initiatives and the impact you’re expecting from this hire.  The result is candidates who are confident they can do the job and that they will enjoy it.
  • Impact: Increased offer acceptance rates and decreased employee turnover; reducing training costs, recruitment costs and loss of organizational knowledge.
  • Success Story: Junto HLS and a Top Pharma have partnered to fill 20 senior level positions since 2011.  Only 3 offers were declined and 19 of the 20 new hires remain with our client.

  • When candidates are faced with the fear of change, uncertainty or counter/ competitive offers, an experienced professional and trusted advisor means the difference between a great hire and losing the candidate you really want.
  • Impact: You make the hire because candidates trust us to inform, and help work through, their most challenging career decisions.
  • Success Story: A top pharmaceutical company engaged Junto HLS to recruit a senior (TA) leader in Global Outcomes Research. Junto HLS worked with functional leadership and Talent Acquisition to define the candidate profile and build the interest of qualified candidates. The final candidate had multiple job opportunities and would be required to relocate to accept a position with our client. Dan worked directly with the candidate to reconfirm their preference for our client’s opportunity, share and set expectations, clear remaining hurdles and facilitate candidate acceptance.The candidate continues to lead Global Outcomes Research across a strong TA pipeline with our client.

  • An industry background in the Life Sciences gives us a sense of true purpose as we do our small part to improve worldwide health and well-being through our work and philanthropy.  Sincere enthusiasm for our clients and our mission resonates with passionate industry professionals and creates a high level of candidate interest.
  • Impact: We attract and recruit the hard to reach, specialized talent you require.
  • Success Story: Junto HLS was engaged to recruit a Sr. Medical Director specialized in a neurodegenerative disease impacting millions of patients and their families. Our outreach was specific to the candidate and their expertise.   We highlighted our client’s dedication to the disease state and the unique aspects of its neurodegenerative programs.  This approach resulted in the recruitment of a highly sought after TA expert, who only started in process because “your enthusiasm for [Client] & the opportunity made me want to learn more.”