Sr. Research Associate/ Scientist/ Sr. Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development

Junto HLS is working directly with Pharm Dev/ Formulations leadership at a growing pharmaceutical client, local in the Bay Area, to recruit a Senior Research Associate/ Scientist/ Sr. Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development.

Position Overview:

  • Develop enabling formulations to support efficacy, PK and toxicology studies
  • Conduct physicochemical characterization of lead compounds to guide preclinical formulations
  • Conduct solid form screening for development compounds
  • Prepare and supply formulations for internal and external preclinical studies
  • Conduct stability studies to support the development of lead compounds
  • Ensure the stability and reproducibility of formulations made-at or shipped-to CROs
  • Write detailed protocols to facilitate the preparation of formulations by non-technical personnel at external sites
  • Use analytical methods to assure the formulation compositions and concentrations
  • Evaluate developability of lead compounds using microscopy, thermal methods, spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, chromatography, particle size distribution analysis, and moisture sorption methods
  • Manage and operate various instruments used in preclinical formulations
  • Support clinical formulation development as needed


    • Greater San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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