(Senior) Director, Safety Risk Management SME

Junto HLS has been exclusively retained by a leading provider of integrated Safety/ PV and broader life sciences software solutions to recruit a (Senior) Director Safety Risk Management SME (Subject Matter Expert).

Position Overview:  

  • Highly competitive compensation
  • Advanced degree required
  • Requires in-depth experience in drug safety with focus on Signal Detection, Signal Management and Risk Management
  • Responsible for providing company with in-depth subject matter expert level knowledge of drug safety through three critical areas:
    • Customer facing:
      • Bring to bear extensive knowledge of the field, and explain not only how company products would suit them, but what they should be doing relating to drug safety, etc.
      • Assist clients in overcoming the resistance in the industry to certain techniques and assist them in navigating through their concerns
    • Inward facing:
      • Provide direction to help develop and design software tools so that they function appropriately.
      • Assist in the ongoing projects related to the Safety suite as well as the creation of new offerings in the area of risk management.
      • Responsible for solidifying and extending these capabilities, including the definition of new capabilities to help support drug safety committees in their decision making.
      • Responsible for identifying and maintaining relationships with development partners and monitor the development process of these strategic extensions.
    • Industry / agency thought leadership:
      • Liaise with agencies on behalf of customers who might be particularly reserved about certain issues, and it is useful to be able to make thoughtful experienced arguments.
      • Establish in industry forums (through speaking, writing, etc.) knowledge of company as setting the standard for how drug safety and pharmacovigilance should be conducted in terms of industry best practice.
      • Prepares and delivers subject matter presentations, white papers, training, etc.


  • Remote or Multiple US Locations

If you are open to explore and learn more about this opportunity submit your resume using the button below or send directly to DanFarina@JuntoHLS.com.