Our Process

Junto HLS_how we Work_Our process

Recruiting the best talent requires functional understanding, structured methodology and a collaborative approach. Our clients tell us we’re their Go-To recruiter because we understand them, we’re solution focused and we deliver results. Partner with Junto HLS to create successful outcomes for you and your organization.


Create Understanding – We take the time to listen and ask the right questions to fully understand the position, your organization and your business objectives. We believe you know the opportunity best and this information helps us “bring you along on the phone” as we identify, qualify and build the interest of likely candidates.

Candidate Contact – To identify and attract the very best talent, a strong organic network is coupled with effective sourcing and recruiting methods. Once potential candidates have been identified, we reach out directly via multiple channels, as an extension of you and your business, to make sure the best candidates know about your opportunity and how it aligns with their career objectives.


Candidate Assessment– Hands on industry experience and our functional focus enables Junto HLS to separate the best candidates from those with just the right buzzwords and present you with quality candidates up front. To save you time, we assess candidate qualifications, motivations, cultural fit, and urgency to present the candidates who can do the job, will enjoy the job, fit with your team, and are most likely to accept an offer. Additionally, we listen carefully to your feedback to further refine our search, as needed.

Engaging Top Talent  – It is often challenging for employers to know what the best candidates value most. We provide candidate specific insight to help you best understand the interests and motivations of candidates as individuals. We conduct client and candidate interview debriefs to inform the path forward and reconfirm mutual


Offer Acceptance – We work closely with the candidate to reaffirm your opportunity and the alignment with their motivations and decision criteria. We’re solution focused, we identify and resolve remaining questions and remove the fear of change. We counsel candidates through resignation, counter-offers, relocation and overall expectations.

Client & Candidate Follow-up – Shared success is creating positive business outcomes, for our clients, beyond new hire start date. We believe follow-up is critical to facilitate employee retention, the satisfaction of client and candidate, and to assure your goals are being achieved.